Trie Tests

Location /TrieTests/

These are sample trie structures.

This is the format of most of those tests:

  "name of test": {
    "in": [
      ["do", "verb"],
      ["ether", "wookiedoo"],
      ["horse", "stallion"],
      ["shaman", "horse"],
      ["doge", "coin"],
      ["ether", null],
      ["dog", "puppy"],
      ["shaman", null]
    "root": "0x29b235a58c3c25ab83010c327d5932bcf05324b7d6b1185e650798034783ca9d"

The fields are:

  • in, The data to store in the trie, which can be either a map object or a list in which each item contains a list of a key and the corresponding value.
  • root, the hash expected at the root of the trie after adding all of those items
  • hexEncoded (optional), if this field exists and is true, it means the strings for the keys and values are already encoded hexadecimal, rather than ASCII strings.

Next and Previous Test

The test /TrieTests/trietestnextprev.json is formatted differently. Instead of testing the entire trie data structure, this file is used to test individual operations within this structure.